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Joe Massaro

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From the First Seat in the Dumb Row to my own Private Island


“What’s wrong with you?” This is a question that I heard throughout my life. From the Catholic school nuns I spent 10 years of my early education with, to the CEOs of industry leading businesses. I was used to this question but I wasn’t offended by it. I just figured there was a lot wrong with me. I never passed a year of school until eleventh grade, when I discovered I was good at building.  


Looking back, it is pretty clear that I had a learning disability, but with no diagnosis back then, I was on my own to figure out how to manage what was “wrong” with me. Thinking outside of the box wasn’t really an option for me, because I had no box! Instead I created a successful method of trying and trying and trying again. I learned that if I tried enough stupid, crazy, “what’s wrong with you” kind of stuff, eventually something would work.  


And you know what... I was right, boy was I Wright!


What People are Saying...

“What Joe has accomplished in his lifetime would take most of us five lifetimes or more. The pattern for his success began as a child. He was always one to do things his own way, but ultimately, the job got done. He's the type of a guy that looks at a situation, realizes that something must be done to resolve the inherent problem, and then goes about the business of accomplishing his goals. Always looking to acquire the assistance and advice of those more knowledgeable, but also ready to forsake such advice to do what he thought was best regardless of the situation. His self confidence in his own ability as proven to be the intangible quality that separates Joe Massaro from most other men. 


As a host, I find he could not be more hospitable. I've had the pleasure of staying at his home, The Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, his pride and joy. It is an amazing architectural accomplishment befitting a man like Joe who has accomplished such a great deal in his life. And boy, does he cook a mean breakfast!


It's never easy to be a self starter, a self motivator like Joe. I, an actor who has overcome numerous obstacles to reach this point in my career, can recognize that factor which separates him from others— unwavering confidence. Whether you're playing a game of chess with him or listening to his latest innovative ideas about architecture, it's all a learning experience. He simply does not like to loose. While building his house, Joe was told it was a formidable task at best, he proceeded. Ultimately completing his objective. This holds true for most of Joe's proceedings with others. I find him to be a brilliant man. One who is possessed with success in whatever field he chooses. He's out of the old school line of thought, "If you can't get someone to do it, do it yourself.” He's been a source of inspiration and a friend.


Joe is a man for this time. The world would be a better place if we had more Joe Massaros!”

ACTOR, "Roots", "Coming to America", "Coming 2 America" and "Good Times"

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 Joe Massaro was born into a working class Italian family from New York. Growing up, he struggled with school but later learned of his talents in the sheet metal industry after working for his uncle Vincent. He saw his career take off from apprentice to owner of the Elmsford Sheet Metal Works, the largest privately owned sheet metal company in the six counties north of New York City. He now spends his time in Mahopac, NY, at the Frank Lloyd Wright home on Petre Island and his beachfront property in Florida.

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